ZIPPER BAGS hold everything

"Zip-bag" is another name for the press-lock bag. These bags can be opened and closed very easily, like a zipper. This is where the name comes from, “zipper”.   

ZIPPER BAGS - useful helpers for every occasion

In contrast to other bags, the closure mechanism for a ZIPPER BAGS does not need any clips or drawstrings. It can not only be filled and emptied very easily, but it does not have any mechanical parts and consequently wears out from use less often. The high degree of re-usability will certainly please your customers. If it can no longer be used, you can just recycle the bag with a clear conscience, since it is re-useable in more ways than one.

High-grade ZIPPER BAGS from Elke-Plastics are:

  • suitable for use with foods
  • easy to handle
  • versatile
  • recyclable




ZIPPER BAGS are also very tight!

Since we only use food-safe high-pressure polyethylene to manufacture them, these bags are also suitable for storing and transporting foods. Of course we can also print them with your personally specified slogans or motifs. Elke-Plastic stands for reliable quality in plastic packaging and plastic bags. Our ZIPPER BAGS are the perfect choice for a number of different applications.