Always ready to hand: The PLASTIC BAGS

Hardly any object represents progress in food and warehouse logistics as well as the PLASTIC BAGS. Although we often overlook it, we would notice almost instantly if it were no longer there.




PLASTIC BAGS go with us everywhere

Film bags keep our foods fresh and our purchases together, protecting goods from contamination and moisture. Packaging made of plastic is used to transport fully-loaded pallets. Electronic components are packaged in PLASTIC BAGS so that storage and traffic don’t damage them. You see one in the form of a sheath of transparent plastic when you pick up your dry cleaning. You see cushions filled with air used as padding material even inside packages.

High environmental standards

In a society in which so much packaging material is used, it is of fundamental importance that the plastic used not only meet all quality standards, but that it be quickly and easily recyclable. PLASTIC BAGS from Elke Plastic are made of advanced polyethylene and polypropylene that meet all standards for environmental compatibility.

We will be glad to help you select the right PLASTIC BAGS

If you want to pack items and need advice on the right PLASTIC BAG, we will be glad to assist. And once you have made your choice, you can always count on finding exclusively high-quality goods in our product inventory.