PE-TUBES will impress you even in unusual packaging situations

PE-TUBES are an especially flexible form of packaging. This is a tube of high-grade plastic film that can be pulled off of the roll as needed and sealed with a film sealing unit to create a PE-bag of individual length.




Whether for protection…

Tubular film is especially convenient if sensitive objects like circuit boards or powder-coated metal profiles need to be packed. The bag protects the parts securely against dirt and moisture and at the same time keeps them from damaging each other during transport.  

Or for presentation…

But PE-TUBES are also quite well-suited for packaging unusually long objects such as pipes or fluorescent tube lamps. Since the film is transparent it is possible to use it as sales packaging as well. If you seal both sides with a film sealing unit, you get a hermetically enclosed packaging unit.

…the PE-TUBES can handle any situation

PE-tubular film shines in all situations. Thanks to its great flexibility it is especially suitable for warehouse operations and sales with changing inventories that make the use of standard bags difficult to impossible. You can get PE tubular film from Elke Plastic in a thickness of 50 and 100 micrometres.