Block Bottom Bags

BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS are still known to many from their childhoods as the so-called “shiny bags” containing a variety of sweets that we got from kiosks. They are just as practical today as they were back then.

BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS from Elke Plastic stay tough

Of course our BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS are food-safe and we can issue a declaration of conformity if needed.

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  1. Block Bottom Bags 4-Layer Coloured

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  2. Block Bottom Bags 3-Layer Coloured

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  3. Block Bottom Bags Natron With Window

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  4. Block Bottom Bags Natron Nature

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The inside of the BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS is the important part

BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS have the unusual trait that when they are unfolded they form a standing surface. They stand up even when empty and are especially well-suited for filling up with bulk goods like:

  • spices
  • tea
  • coffee
  • semolina

and other grainy foodstuffs. Since a seal seam forms the base of the bag and no glue was used, the entire content can be taken out without leaving any residue in the fold. But even coarser grain foodstuffs like:

  • cornflakes
  • cookies
  • potato chips,

are well suited for a BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS. The robust plastic film guarantees dry storage and long use life for the foods packed.

Aroma is preserved in a BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS

BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS are completely odourless and can be used to pack foods without one needing to fear that they will acquire a "plastic taste". Aroma does not penetrate the film in either direction. If requested we also offer three-layered BLOCK BOTTOM BAGS, whose high aroma barrier assures that your goods will remain fresh an especially long time.