You can BUY PRESS-LOCK BAGS easily online

If you would like to BUY PRESS-LOCK BAGS, you will find an extensive range of products at Elke-Plastic, one guaranteed to include the right plastic bag for your individual purpose. We carry forms with or without labelling strips, with Euro-hole, round holes or without punch-outs.

Sealing without other equipment!

These practical bags are made of robust and recyclable high-pressure polyethylene and polypropylene and can be opened and closed as often as needed without using  glue or sealing bands. This has the added advantage that the bag is not deformed when it is closed.




Our plastic –bags are easy to see through

Whatever form you decide on: Our press-lock bags consist of transparent plastic film and are well suited for use in effectively presenting your goods to the public as well as for rapidly checking stock in the warehouse: You don’t need to open the bags in order to see if the content is complete or undamaged. The film does not let any moisture or contamination penetrate and has proven to be extremely resistant to temperature fluctuations. BUY PRESS-LOCK BAGS fast an easy online!

BUY PRESS-LOCK BAGS now in the size you want!

You can now BUY high-grade PRESS-LOCK BAGS in any size you need! From plastic bags in dimensions of 35 by 55 millimetres to custom formats of 500 by 600 millimetres, we can offer you everything. These articles are generally delivered in cartons of 1,000 pieces each, whose unite price decreases with the increasing purchase volume. If you are looking to BUY modern and practical PRESS-LOCK BAGS, contact us today!