If you PRINTING BAGS, you stay visible

Good packaging that provides the content with optimal protection and is nevertheless easy to open can give you product a decisive advantage on the market. For this reason you should consider having your BAGS PRINTED and presenting your logo on a surface that will retain its value.  

PRINTING BAGS saves time and money

To simplify sorting and storage you can have the product names and technical information printed on the bag. This does not just save you on the packaging insert, but also saves you valuable time. Thanks to your company logo and information on the print surface, you remain constantly visible to the customer, especially when the bag is used for other purposes. Would you like to try some optical effects like a full-surface colour print with transparent windows to present your content? PRINTING BAGS is easy and uncomplicated.

PRINTING BAGS – the most modern printing techniques

We can PRINT BAGS of all kinds to fit your specifications.. We ofer two different print procedures: Flexo-printing and rotogravure-printing. With up to eight colours we make sure that your product packaging stands out in a crowd.

We are there for you – PRINTING BAGS!

We will be glad to accept your individual order and create unique packaging. If PRINTING BAGS is the important part of your order, we will be thrilled to do it for you!