POLYBAGS – the bag of limitless possibilities

The POLYBAG is without question the all-rounder among plastic bags. It is just as easy to manufacture as it is to use and impresses with a toughness all its own that allows it to serve a variety of functions. Starting at a certain thickness, film bags made of polyethylene can even be heat-sealed and in this way be turned into hermetically sealed packaging  – for example for food.

Our range of products includes the following POLYBAGS among others:




POLYBAGS keep their promises

Re-closable bags are specialised polybags that can be re-closed after they have been opened. This makes them particularly desirable items for two simple reasons:

  • The customer can remove part of the content and set the bag aside without having to worry about losing the rest of the contents.  
  • Once it’s empty the bag can be used for another purpose.

Support the environment and your customers equally with our POLYBAGS

Foster customer loyalty by keeping your name pleasantly associated in your customer’s mind with products we packaged. Film bags by Elke Plastic consist of recyclable plastics of high quality and can  therefore be used very often before they have to be discarded.

Elke Plastic is your reliable partner for POLYBAGS and other high-grade plastic packaging.