Food Packaging

Are you looking for an experienced specialist in plastic packaging, who can provide you with both practical and eye-catching FOOD PACKAGING, you can rely on the professionals from  Elke Plastic in every case. In our wide-ranging product portfolio, we present you will high-grade packaging for foods of all kinds at inexpensive prices.

Protect foods in safe FOOD PACKAGING

Whatever foods you need optimal packaging for– with one of Europes’s leading specialists in re-closable bags and plastic packaging you are in the best of hands. We place the greatest importance on hygiene, safety and freshness in our packaging projects. You, too, can benefit from our many years of expertise in the field of FOOD PACKAGING! Order the very best quality products from us!

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  1. Block Bottom Bags 4-Layer Coloured

    Starting at €46.18

  2. Coffee Pouches White

    Starting at €178.16

  3. Coffee Pouches Silver

    Starting at €157.14

  4. Coffee Pouches Red

    Starting at €178.16

  5. Coffee Pouches Gold

    Starting at €178.16

  6. Coffee Pouches Black

    Starting at €178.16

  7. Coffee Pouches with K-Sealing Silver

    Starting at €106.21

  8. LDPE-Zip Lock Bags 60 - 70 µm

    Starting at €43.55

  9. LDPE-Drawstring Bags 50 µm

    Starting at €30.95

  10. PP-Cornets 40 µm

    Starting at €18.05

  11. Side Fold Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

    Starting at €23.40

  12. Flat Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

    Starting at €9.25

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Appealing FOOD PACKAGING in our programme

If your new FOOD PACKAGING is supposed to protect foods and make them as visually attractive as possible, we have just the thing for you. Take a moment of time and look through the great variety of our product categories. Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, sausage, cheese and sweets – with us, the food packaging you’re looking for is guaranteed to be available. And even if you need individualised packaging solutions, we are the perfect business partner! You can get the following FOOD PACKAGING options from us in various configurations:

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Cross- and block bottom bags
  • Natron-packaging with and without windows
  • Flat bags
  • Presslock bags

Even food manufacturers who would like to bring a new product to market can contact us at any time. The packaging specialists at Elke Plastic are very experienced and know exactly which button to push.

FOOD PACKAGES– The right packaging for every food

We have worked successfully with producers, whole-sellers and retailers for years. All of them wanted to order the ideal packaging for their foods from us. Even if you only operate a small gourmet shop and want to pack your finest specialties in an unusual way, we will be glad to help you. We are extremely flexible and will provide you with specialised FOOD PACKAGES on time every time. Just call us if you have any questions about our products and services.