DOYPACKS - the ideal solution for food packaging

The DOYPACKS are bags with a stable bottom fold which is created by a special kind of stiffening welding. Furthermore, the DOYPACKS has a pressure seal. This makes them a modern and universal packaging solution. Their main advantages are: the products are in an upright position, the DOYPACKS have a large surface for printing and also have a comparably low price compared to alternative packaging systems.




We develop your unique DOYPACKS

These packages are used for both manual and automated packaging of foodstuffs such as coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, nuts, sweets, etc. This makes the DOYPACKS an Allroundtalent. We offer you a wide range of DOYPACKS in different designs. We pay particular attention to the possibility of custom-made products, which offer an enormous scope in the design of your individual DOYPACKS.