PE-BAGS for eco-friendly and practical packaging

If you are looking for packaging for small objects used in skilled trades or handcrafts like screws or wooden beads, a PE-BAGis just the thing. You make things as easy as possible for the end-consumer with packaging like this: The end-consumer can take as many pieces out of the bag as needed for the current job without worrying that the rest will get lost.




The PE-BAG, the superior light-weight

Many manufacturers package their products wastefully, using, for example, boxes made of solid plastic that are not just very expensive and difficult to open  – and even more difficult to close – but also are in constant danger of tipping over and spilling their contents everywhere. You never have this problem with a PE-BAG.

Tubular film for the difficult cases

If you have to package very long or sensitive goods, PE-tubular film is the optimal solution. It can be rolled off to any length and can be turned into a PE-BAG using one pass with a film sealing unit.

PE-BAGS are easy to re-use

PE-BAGS can be heat-sealed and for this reason are outstanding for storing screws, crafting items, fittings, etc. If they are closed with a clip or rubber band, you can open and close them as often as you need to and re-purpose them after the product is used up.