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You want to BUY PLASTIC BAGS to make shopping easier for your customers? Then just browse the generous selection of the packaging portal of Elke Plastics, fill your digital shopping cart with the plastic packaging of your choice and send in your order. We will take care of the rest–and soon you will be thrilled with your factory-new tote bags made of high-quality plastic.




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Plastic bags from Elke Plastic are suitable for every industry. Whether in the supermarket, a fashion specialty shop, or as a tote bag for advertising give-aways at a trade show– our plastic bags will master every challenge. Since the customer can use this high-quality bag several times, his gaze repeatedly falls on your company logo, which we can print on the high quality bags you buy from us. You can rely on seeing your customers repeatedly since the purchase made in your shop will always remain pleasantly fixed in his memory.

Chose quality plastic bags

Our plastic bags consist of one-hundred per-cent polyethylene and polypropylene and can be recycled without reservations. We also use food-safe plastic film for many of our products. If you BUY our PLASTIC BAGS, you can trust that you will give your own customers nothing but quality goods.