Sweets Packaging

As one of the leading specialist providing plastic packaging and closing bags in Europe we also keep high-grade SWEETS PACKAGING in various forms in stock. If you operate a gourmet foods shop for example and want to draw attention to your sweets especially and do that with packaging, then you have a wide range of choices with Elke Plastic.

Order contemporary SWEETS PACKAGING inexpensively

Test our high-quality SWEETS PACKAGING on our website and get a comprehensive overview of our catalogue. We are sure that you will find exactly the quality-packaging that you imagined for your sweetest presentations.

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  1. Block Bottom Bags 4-Layer Coloured

    Starting at €50.80

  2. Clipbands Gold

    Starting at €5.36

  3. Clipbands White

    Starting at €4.87

  4. U-Clipse 40

    Starting at €3.09

  5. U-Clipse 33

    Starting at €2.31

  6. LDPE-Drawstring Bags 50 µm

    Starting at €40.17

  7. PP-Cornets 40 µm

    Starting at €25.02

  8. Side Fold Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

    Starting at €25.74

  9. Flat Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

    Starting at €10.18

  10. PP-Flat Bags 40 µm

    Starting at €5.69

  11. LDPE-Flat Bags 100 µm

    Starting at €29.97

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34 items

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Buy first-class SWEETS PACKAGING from the pros

Bonbons, pralines and other delicacies are well-protected in the practical SWEETS PACKAGING by Elke Plastic. Since we are of the opinion that special products demand extraordinary packaging, we have included attractive sacks and bags in our extensive catalogue that will win you over. We offer the following options for packaging confections and other sweet delicacies:

  • Cornets
  • Flat bags
  • Cross-bottom and block bottom bags

Whichever SWEETS PACKAGING you ultimately decide on, you will without exception get quality at a favourable price. We put all of our know-how to work so that you and your customers (of course) are as satisfied as possible. We will support you if you are looking to present sweet things in your shop.

Perfect SWEETS PACKAGES for sweets with Elke Plastic

If you also want to blaze new trails in advertising and are looking for a way to get even closer to your target group, we have just the right thing for you. Include eye-catching SWEETS PACKAGES in your Marketing-Mix for sweets and leave a lasting impression with your preferred clientele. Everyone likes to take sweet temptations home with them. If you have questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us.