Flat Bags

FLAT BAGS protect your goods reliably from dirt, moisture and corrosion. They are very easy to fill and present your product visibly thanks to the transparent foil. The buyer can precisely inspect the good without destroying the packaging and can even compare it with samples that may be on-hand.

FLAT BAGS are universally useable

We would like to remind you that we can deliver FLAT BAGS in food-safe charges. We ask only that you inform us in the order that you need food-safe goods. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a declaration of conformity afterward.

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  1. Biodegradable Flat Bags PLA 50 µm

    Starting at €7.87

  2. PP-Flat Bags 40 µm

    Starting at €5.69

  3. LDPE-Flat Bags 100 µm

    Starting at €29.97

  4. LDPE-Flat Bags 50 µm

    Starting at €7.91

  5. LDPE-Flat Bags 25 µm

    Starting at €24.44

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Eco-friendly materials in the FLAT BAGS

Like all of our plastic packaging, our FLAT BAGS are made of food-safe and recyclable plastic. The PE-symbol is printed in the lower corner but can also be omitted.

Simple FLAT BAGS-order in our shop…

You can purchase FLAT BAGS made of polyethylene and polypropylene from us in a large variety of dimensions. Just register, set the desired quantity of flat bags and other high-grade types of plastic packaging in your shopping cart and pay online – it’s that simple. Of course you can review your order again. The bags will reach your destination within at most 48 hours and we deliver almost worldwide (subject prior to sale).

You can send your order around the clock to info@elke-plastic.com or by fax to +49 7731 / 924444. Elke plastics is one of the leading European specialty providers for efficient and high-quality plastic packaging such as FLAT BAGS.