SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS package visibly and securely

SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS are more like handbags or cultural items. Made from robust plastic film, these bags protect their content reliably in every situation. We will be glad to print them with your logo, a graphic or your slogan at your request.  Of course you are also free to print the bags yourself.

Use SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS to store, among others:

  • LEDs
  • Ball-point pens
  • Buttons and pins
  • Electronic-articles
  • Plastic -components




Simple to use!

If you’re looking for a plastic bag that has to be frequently opened and closed again, SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS are the ideal choice. The practical slide closure makes it possible to rapidly open these innovative containers– the principle is similar to that of a zipper and just as effective.  Thanks to the intelligent construction of these items, a bag of this kind can be used without much hand strength but is at the same time quite resistant to accidental opening.

SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS with your image

These articles, also known as press-zip closure bags, impress the end-customer in the purchase with the same advantage as the other high-quality bags and pouches in our product inventory:  Your customer will be thrilled to have a durable, stable container along with the purchased goods, one that he can keep for his own household as well as you can in your warehouse or shop. Printing a logo on our SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS adds an extraordinarily durable advertising effect.

SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS - last but not least, eco-friendly

Once the bag has definitely reached the end of its career, it can be recycled without any reservations: The bag and the closure consist of 100 per-cent recyclable polyethylene. SLIDE CLOSURE BAGS by Elke-Plastic prove themselves from the first to the last moment.