Our practical PRESS-LOCK BAGS labelling field

The PRESS-LOCK BAGS with a labelling field is the ideal choice for everyone who wants to have the best possible order in the warehouse, the shop or the workshop.  Labelling can prove a priceless advantage, especially if the bag is filled with objects that look very much alike– parts in different sizes for example.

Write your own table of contents!

Even attributes that cannot be optically checked can be stated on the bag’s surface. You’re bagging nuts and bolts, let’s say, and you want to make sure that the matching sizes stay legible? Then just write it on the bag and you’ve already prevented confusion! Whatever information you want to put on our PRESS-LOCK BAGS: The three labelling strips offer you more than enough space. You don’t need any special pens– ballpoints or felt tips will do.




PRESS-LOCK BAGS with labelling field prove their worth in every way   

In addition to the labelling option, this article has all the qualities that characterise standard PRESS-LOCK BAGS: transparency, easy-to-use form and naturally the closure that can be opened and closed as often as needed. The bag contents can be increased or reduced as needed without replacing the bag.

Elke-Plastic: Your all-round packaging specialist 

Of course these PRESS-LOCK BAGS are also made of robust quality plastic which protects the packaged goods from dirt and moisture. We offer them to our customers in thicknesses of 50 or 90 micrometres. If you order our presslock bags with labelling field in larger quantities, we will offer you an especially favourable unit price.