Spice Packaging

In the wide variety of SPICE PACKAGING from Elke Plastic, you can store and display all kinds of spices beautifully. Look for the perfect form of packaging for all kinds of spices. In our broad-based product portfolio you will find a great range of choices.  Learn about our products on our website and get a comprehensive overview of our catalogue.

SPICE PACKAGING – high-grade spices from all over the world, stored pure and in fine style

If you would like to pack your chilies, green pepper, fish- and/or grilling spices dry, safe and attractively so that they get attention, you have found your ideal partner with us. Use this great opportunity and buy your preferred SPICE PACKAGING for a favourable price.

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  1. Coffee Pouches White

    Starting at €178.16

  2. Coffee Pouches Silver

    Starting at €157.14

  3. Coffee Pouches Red

    Starting at €178.16

  4. Coffee Pouches Gold

    Starting at €178.16

  5. Coffee Pouches Black

    Starting at €178.16

  6. Coffee Pouches with K-Sealing Silver

    Starting at €106.21

  7. PP-Cornets 40 µm

    Starting at €18.05

  8. Flat Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

    Starting at €9.25

  9. PP-Flat Bags 40 µm

    Starting at €3.98

  10. LDPE-Flat Bags 100 µm

    Starting at €20.63

  11. LDPE-Flat Bags 50 µm

    Starting at €11.65

  12. LDPE-Flat Bags 25 µm

    Starting at €18.04

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SPICE PACKAGING in various designs

If you trade in herbs and spices, we will be glad to provide you with the right SPICE PACKAGING. If you need to pack Oriental, Mediterranean and African spices as well as exclusive salts, we offer the optimal solution in every case. In our programme, we can offer you the following SPICE PACKAGING materials:

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Flat bags
  • Cross-bottom and block-bottom bags
  • Natron-packaging with and without windows

Whatever spice packaging you ultimately decide on, you will get only premium products at a low price from Elke Plastic. We will be glad to support you if you want to present either known or exotic spices in your shop with extraordinary flair. We can even offer the most unusual and attractive packaging at extremely fair packaging customised to your needs.

Striking SPICE PACKAGES designs for your products

Or would you like to expand your marketing-mix and have an interest in attractive SPICE PACKAGES that tastefully present the message you want your advertising to convey? No problem! Just call us and we will discuss your new advertising strategy. Beautiful spices in attractive SPICE PACKAGES are guaranteed to be very well received by your target group.

Experience tells us that ambitious hobby cooks like to professionally equip their cooking environments. And then beautifully packaged spices, teas, coffees and other foods are a requisite. Just ask if you would like more information. We’re there for you!