RE-CLOSABLE BAGS for maximum environmental compatibility


To be perceived as an eco-friendly product, it is important that plastic packaging units be re-useable and that it even be possible for the customer to use them for a different purpose. Lots of packaging simply has to be damaged or even destroyed in order to open it.

Re-useable again and again

RE-CLOSABLE BAGS however can be opened and closed as often as necessary. A portion of the content is removed and the BAG is RE-CLOSABLE. Small parts like dowels or screws don’t roll off of the edge of the table only to disappear without a trace – thanks to the cleverly designed backs you always have a clear view and control.

RE-CLOSABLE BAGS are suitable for packaging:

  • Screws
  • Dowels
  • Model kit parts
  • Paper clips
  • Nuts
  • and many other small parts.




RE-CLOSABLE BAGS - valuable support in the warehouse

Even in warehouse logistics RE-CLOSABLE BAGS prove their quality: You can easily check whether the number of parts in the bag meets the standard, any time you want. If needed you can re-fill them without damaging the packaging. No need for bags carelessly repaired with tape on your shelves – RE-CLOSABLE BAGS always provide for optimal presentation of your goods!