PLASTIC TOTE BAGS are shopping companions with endurance  

If you want to give your customers the ability to carry their purchases home safely and comfortably, PLASTIC TOTE BAGS are the ideal containers. In contrast to cloth tote bags, which can become susceptible to attack by microorganisms due to dirt and moisture, plastic bags are  hygienic  and resist fouling. Once they get home they can be easily used as storage bags or as bin liners.  




PLASTIC TOTE BAGS are well-received everywhere

PLASTIC TOTE BAGS are a familiar part of the shopping scene everywhere today. Whether in the supermarket, fashion shop, bookstore or DIY centre: the product purchased is packed in a PLASTIC TOTE BAGS. Often the bag is printed with the logo of the business so that it becomes a travelling advertisement and attracts other potential customers. In the case of particularly exclusive businesses the bag itself can rapidly become a popular branded article.  

Robust bags make a good impression

Cheap plastic bags often tear under the weight of their contents. Such an occurrence can cause the customer to have bad memories associated with your business because your responsibility in no way ends with the conclusion of the transaction. You absolutely need to offer your customers only high-grade plastic tote bags. PLASTIC TOTE BAGS from Elke Plastic will impress you (and your customers) with their robust manufacture and at the same time their re-useable polyethylene material is easy on your wallet and on the environment.