Modern FILM PACKAGING preserves your valuable content

FILM PACKAGING is both a contemporary and a practical method for protecting foods or sensitive objects against environmental influences and damage. One of the most striking properties of such packaging is its transparency: The customer can see inside the packaging and be sure that the article is in good condition and present in the promised quantity.




One type of FILM PACKAGING, thousands of contents

One types of FILM PACKAGING can perform a wide variety of packaging tasks. Even if it is not equipped with a press-lock or drawstring, it can be effectively sealed with a film heat sealing device, a stapler, rubber band or just by tying it. The robust film protects the content reliably against dirt, moisture, extreme cold or heat as well as against all kinds of microorganisms.  

FILM PACKAGING wins by a length

Another practical variant of FILM PACKAGING is the so-called tubular film. A single tubular film unit can be unrolled to the desired length and sealed with a film sealing unit to create a bag  of individual length. This provides ideal packaging even for components of unusual dimensions.

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