Dear Customer,

today a corporate group with locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland stands behind the name Elke Plastic GmbH. In 1972 Erwin Turkovic founded the company Elke Plastic GmbH & Co. KG in Rielasingen (Germany) and began selling LDPE film-packaging for industrial customers.

Between 1988 and 1994 his sons Andreas, Thomas and Axel started working in the company, and helped from that time on to successfully expand the family company. In 2002 the executive management of the company was passed on to the three sons and the company was re-organised as a limited liability company, a GmbH in German. The location in Switzerland was founded in 2004. Even if much has changed since those days, we have remained loyal to the field of film packaging through the current day. In our product inventory you will find the complete product family of re-closable film packaging. We have been among the leading providers specialising in re-closable packaging of all kinds here in Europe for quite some time.  These products include: grip seal bags, press-lock closure bags, zip-lock bags, adhesive closure bags as well as drawstring bags. You will find a larger selection of supplemental products in our delivery catalogue. Prompt deliveries, professionally competent consultation and always having an open ear for problem solving are our goals as one of the largest importers of grip seal bags in Europe.


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