FILM BAGS for every purpose and every size

FILM BAGS are ideal, if you want to store goods that could be damaged by moisture or dirt. It is precisely small objects and foodstuffs that are especially well-protected and kept fresh by a packaging made of flexible plastic. But theoretically there is no upper limit to the packaging size.

Numerous forms for numerous purposes!

Using tubular film you can, for example, wrap up long objects especially and with roll film you can not only wrap fully-loaded pallets, but stabilise them. A tightly wrapped film packaging often makes sealing bands or other wrappings completely superfluous. Christo showed us that even buildings and valleys can be wrapped.




High-grade and hygienic FILM BAGS

But we don’t want to go that far. Not really. We concentrate on offering you functional plastic bags for commerce and industry. FILM BAGS from Elke Plastic will impress you with their intelligent processing. They consist of polyethylene and polypropylene and are especially well-suited for recycling.

Contact us!

If you want to pack something but are not sure what sort of FILM BAGS are suitable for your individual purpose, we will be glad to consult with you. We will take your order by telephone, per Fax or e-mail. Elke Plastic is the leading provider for re-sealable bags of all kinds in the greater European region.