Bakery Packaging

If you operate a bakery and need various sorts of BAKERY PACKAGING for your daily needs, we have the solution! Regardless of what products you focus on: If you need packaging for high-quality baked goods, Elke Plastic is your skilled business partner. We know our way around bakery and food packaging thanks to our years of experience, so that you are certain to find what you are looking for in our product inventory.

BAKERY PACKAGING – practical, safe, inexpensive

Take a look at our product categories and get your own impression of our customised packaging. We offer a great variety of products especially in the field of BAKERY PACKAGING. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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  1. Block Bottom Bags 4-Layer Coloured

    Starting at €50.80

  2. PP-Cornets 40 µm

    Starting at €25.02

  3. Flat Bags With Sealing Seam 30 µm

    Starting at €10.18

  4. PP-Flat Bags 40 µm

    Starting at €5.69

  5. LDPE-Flat Bags 100 µm

    Starting at €29.97

  6. LDPE-Flat Bags 50 µm

    Starting at €7.91

  7. LDPE-Flat Bags 25 µm

    Starting at €24.44

  8. Block Bottom Bags Natron With Window

    Starting at €45.22

  9. Block Bottom Bags Natron Nature

    Starting at €41.60

  10. Block Bottom Bags 3-Layer Coloured

    Starting at €87.53

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28 items

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BAKERY PACKAGING as an efficient advertising material

You can effectively place your slogan on BAKERY PACKAGING and thereby efficiently advertise for your business. Use this cost-effective opportunity and get extensive consultation from seasons packaging and advertising strategists. Even if all that a customer buys in your store is a breakfast roll, you can put an advertising message into circulation with an efficient, hand-held package. We want you to be satisfied and for that reason we make sure that various types of packaging are in-stock for all kinds of baked goods. You will find the following sorts of BAKERY PACKAGING in our product inventory

  • Flat bags
  • Cornets
  • Cross-bottom and block bottom bags

Are you interested in other sorts of bakery–and/or confectionery packaging? We are advantageously positioned in this market segment and can offer you packaging for breads, baked goods and related items in all imaginable configurations.

Elke Plastic always has the right BAKERY PACKAGES

If you’re looking for contemporary and safe food packaging, products from Elke Plastic are indispensable. If you’re specifically looking for practical BAKERY PACKAGES, we offer you an attractive solution. Just contact us if you need additional information. We will be glad to answer any and all questions you may have. Even if you want to give your customers unusual packages, we always have an open ear for your concerns. As one of Europe’s leading providers of high-grade plastic packaging, boxes, cartons and other containers, we will be glad to meet all of your packaging needs.